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I finally got my hands on the infamous INGLOT 10 Freedom System palette. I decided to play around with it today and came up with a look and I have to say these shadows are amazingly pigmented!

New Vanity Mirror!

It is incredibly bright and I think it came out Amazing!

Polish Hoarders Anonymous!

So the 1st step in any program is admitting we have a problem...

My 1st Mineral Eyeshadow Product

A palette made by Yours Truly!

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Anastasia Hypercolor Brow & Hair Powder

Hello my Lovelies! What better way to start the New Month than with some exciting new Products for you all! Today we will chat about an awesome product that is great for all of those who embrace all the new trends and aren't afraid color!

What it is:

For Hair: Instant, Intense Wipe-On/Wash-Out Hair Color

For Brows: Brush in Brow Color To Match Your Hyper-Style.

Why It's Great:

Intensely Colored Powder is Easy to Apply to Hair and Brows.

Provides An Instant Flash of Neon Color To Any Shade of Hair without Dyeing or Bleaching.

Sets Easily with Hairspray and Lasts Until You Wash It Out.

Available in 5 Shades

In the Pink

Mega Watt Green

Electric Blue

Teal Tornando

Ultra - Violet

$12.50 Each 

In the Pink

**Important Note This Shade is not intended for use around the Eye Area!!!**

Mega Watt Green


Electric Blue

Teal Tornado

I think these are super fun and definitely yo step out of your comfort zone with. As with all Anastasia Beverly Hills Products they are Cruelty Free and made in the USA. 

I personally think they are super fun and definitely something I will play with more when my hair in the future.

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