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I finally got my hands on the infamous INGLOT 10 Freedom System palette. I decided to play around with it today and came up with a look and I have to say these shadows are amazingly pigmented!

New Vanity Mirror!

It is incredibly bright and I think it came out Amazing!

Polish Hoarders Anonymous!

So the 1st step in any program is admitting we have a problem...

My 1st Mineral Eyeshadow Product

A palette made by Yours Truly!

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October Favorites

Hey Dolls hope you are all having an Awesome Haloween. I really never get into it for some reason I guess when I have children one day I will really enjoy it a little more. I have been working on a little DIY Project with photography and lighting so once I finalize it I will show you all the final set up . I need some lights and what not but for now here is this months Faves:

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion- Works amazing on those unsightly breakouts . Dot it on right when you feel it coming on before you goto bed and rinse residue in the morning and MAGIC!

Kiehls -Utra Facial Oil Free Lotion- Love this as my current moisturizer now that the weather is changing. Got this sample in one of my Birchboxes months ago.

One'n Only Argan Oil Styling Cream- This is my go to product when I leave my hair curly. After I wash my hair I just run this through let it air dry and it leaves my curs defined and soft.

Curls Curl Creme Brule- A Cream Styler used to define and moisturize curls without Hold.I found this at my local Harmon's but they have an online site which I love! Curls has such a variety of products for curly heads.

Sephora Forever Pink Lip Gloss- The Perfect pink shimmery lippie on the go 
 NYX Concealer Wand in Glow- YOU GUYS AMAZING STUFF! Great Coverage
NYX HD Studio Photogenic Foundation- THis has to be by far my most favorite Drugstore Foundation for the past few weeks. The coverage is just flawless and lasts me all day without breaking down doesn't cake up and blends so well.
Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Punch- I saw a bunch of these and I just had to have it. I got the pink one because I liked that it added just a touch of color to my lips and super moisturized them . 

Andrew Lessman Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails Supplement- I recently found out about this through this awesome you tuber named Andrea aka Plasma Speedo on youtube. She is such a hilarious sweet girl and has the most to die for lengthy hair. I asked her what she took to help maintain it and help it grow and she told me this is what she was taking. She did also say it took about 3-4 months of consistently taking it to actually notice a difference. The Magic Ingredient as you can all see is the Biotin which if you Click Here you can get an idea of why this is important to us ladies. If you all want to see a nail polish addiction like no other you can find andrea on Facebook. She has the most amazing collection I have ever seen so sociable and great to chat with!

The Original Beauty Blender- So this is one of my favorite sponges to use with the NYX HD foundation I mentioned before. It gives me a great airbrushed appearance with little work. I really swear by this little tool . I have tried the Sonia Kashuk, Ulta, Forever 21, MAC and nothing to me holds a light up to this bad boy. So if you are worried about having to spend a little more then I recommend you definitely do so for this. I always try to find more budget friendly alternatives to higher end items but I refuse to when it comes to this worth every penny to me . 

Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit -I absolutely Love love Sigma Brushes. I think for me its more of how dense they are and that makes a huge difference in my application. I specifically love the P82 for applying my concealer because I had yet to find a brush that was better than my ring finger. I also love the P84 for contouring. I have to admit I have never really been one to contour because I found some brushes just to big to get into that hollow of my cheek like I wanted. This does just that and the Precision is def on point!
I had actually taken pic of all the New brushes I purchased and somehow I lost it in my gazillion files here sorry dolls.

Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum- Thats a mouthful! I actually got this because I have been having a hard time winging out my eyeliner . I have decently long lashes and well kinda get in my way when it comes to doing tight lining. This is one of those Shaker Pen deals where you agitate the little bead inside to get the liquid flowing. I love the way it applies I think the only dislike is that I got it in the shade Black but even on the packaging it looks a bit more of a slate or gray when applied. So will I benefit from the lash growing serum sure but mostly use it for eyeliner so doesn't hurt!

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Lumiere Cosmetics

Hi Everyone so I am finally back in my home after this crazy weekend with the snow we had out here. We had no power all weekend trees down everywhere and was just madness. I have been meaning to take the chance to review for you all some goodies that were sent to me by Lumiere Cosmetics

                   I had gotten a few of there pigments a while back and I absolutely loved them!

They sent me 2 Foundations ( Which Matched me Perfectly)
2 Mineral Blushes
3 Mineral Eyeshadow Pigments
They come in little square jars without a sifter.

This company caries a variety of mineral cosmetics as well as skin care. There pricing is a tad bit more expensive than some mineral shadows I have seen for the amount that you get. They are $8 for a Large 2 gram jar. 

I absolutely loved that to make it easier to pick out your foundation shade they had this little guide to help:

Overall I love these mineral Pigments and love the Cashmere Mineral Foundation.

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NARS Danmari Palette

I recently took advantage of the Sephora Friends and Family Sale which apparently was a bit different this year. If you haven't already gotten your unique code then Click Here to do so you have until November 1st! All the Descriptions Below Come directly from Sephora's sight!

I didn't get to go too nuts but the one and only thing I absolutely needed and wanted was the Nars Danmari Palette:

What it is:

Based on the exquisite tradition of Kabuki theatre, a classical Japanese dance drama, this palette features six high-pigment cheek powders that let you play up your features like a true performance artist. 

What it Does:

The ultimate authority in blush, this limited-edition mirrored holiday NARS compact features the essential blush and bronzer shades, ranging from warm bronze and luminous highlighting hues to shockingly bright pink. Turn a new cheek with this fashion-forward mix created exclusively for Sephora. 

Comes With:

- 6 x 0.12 oz Cheek Color in Hungry Heart (gold ivory), Super Orgasm (peachy pink with gold glitter), Desire (cotton candy pink), Casino (dark brown with golden shimmer), Orgasm (peachy pink with golden shimmer), Sin (berry with gold shimmer)

$107 value for $65 

Here you can see the comparison of a regular Nars Blush and the ones that come in this palette a bit of a size difference.

 You can see her if put sideways almost seems like 2 of these pans are the same size of one regular blush so you get the idea.

My Thoughts:
I am very pleased that I purchased this. 
Desire has to be my most favorite out of the entire Palette. 
Casino reminds me a bit of Albatross. 
It is a great palette to have if you don't like having to bring all your small individual ones. 
I notice that Orgasm and Super Orgasm tend to be put in sets most of the time and wish that that could be switched up a bit. At this point I think most of us own this color and really dont need to see it in ever single duo or set. 

Super Orgasm is a bit sparkly but with a light hand can be an awesome highlight. 

What did you all get from the Sephora F& F? 
Would love to know!

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L'Occitanne Skincare Giveaway! ** CLOSED**

Hi Everyone today I bring you a gorgeous Giveaway !

For those of you that may not be familiar with L'Occitane this is a brief description of there items:

L'Occitane specializes in Skin Care and anti aging skin care products.

L'Occitane's famously luxe products are nothing short of a beauty phenomenon, loved by low-maintenance types and glamour girls alike. Created from the plants and essential oils found in Provence, a hilly region in the South of France lush with olive groves, lavender fields, and vineyards, L'Occitane's skin, body care, and fragrances are packed with natural favorites like honey, verbena, shea butter, and Lavender. A master of mixing sensual formulas, while retaining the fresh-picked pungency of their ingredients, L'Occitane perfectly preserves the beauty traditions of this ripe Mediterranean land.

One Lucky Winner will receive:

Made with organic angelica from the Drôme region of France, the fresh and silky smooth Angelica Hydration Cream efficiently moisturizes and revitalizes the skin. 
L'OCCITANE’s patented angelica complex reinforces natural skin hydration by stimulating aquaporines, improves skin elasticity and protects from free radicals. 
Skin is plumped, smoothed and more radiant. 
Best for dry to Normal Skin. 
Dermatologically tested. Non-comedogenic.

Leave comment below with the following info :

  1. Your Google GFC or However your are following
  2. Your Twitter Name
  3. Your Facebook
  4. Email to be notified once I have chosen a winner!
  5. US Residents only Please
Earn Extra Entries:
  1. Tweet  this Giveaway "Enter @PinktasticLife L'Occitane Skincare Giveaway!"Must be a follower as well.
  2. Include Giveaway in your Sidebar and provide information so that I can see that 
  3. Like Facebook Fan Page and leave me your profile info 

Giveaway Ends November Monday November 17th at Noon!

Winners wil be chosen via Random. org

Good Luck!

Disclaimer: This a Sponsored Post via L'Occitane

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Hi my gorgeous bloggies so today is the 1 year birthday anniversary of my blog. As I sit back and think I remember when I first decided to start doing a beauty blog and I said no one is really gonna read it blah blah blah and I was so hesitant. Here was my very 1st post lol which clearly was a cry for help Hello World . I had no clue what I was and over time I have grown so much.

I wanted to do this post as a thank you to all of my fabulous readers. I seriously wouldn't have made it this far without all of you awesome feedback and comments. I know it may not be as popular as all the other beauty blogs out there but my little milestone of a couple of hundred followers means the world to me . It isnt the amount of followers or how much makeup I can collect, but truly sharing with you all my opinions, and views on all things beauty.

I have have my frequent visitors and I know I have some that do the drive by and just maybe peek at the pics and leave no comment. That is ok with me so long as I am able to help in some kind of way I feel successful.

Where do I see this blog heading?

I see it growing and and being as great as I can possibly make it. I have learned a lot in the blogging world over this past year andI know variety is huge, lighting, picture quality, but most importantly staying true and honest to my readers. So I will be around for a while and for all of you thinking of maybe starting a blog of your own GO FOR IT! It can seem intimidating at 1st but you get the hang of it and with all the comments and feedback you get it fuels you to do better and give more I give 110% at everything I do .

I love each and everyone of you. I cant begin to tell you the cyber friendships I have developed through all of this.It is such a great feeling to know that they are all genuinely sweet and I know if we weren't all in different locations in real life we would all be great friends and get along just as well. Its great to have something in common with people even if you have never met

"Find something you love to do , and never work a day in your Life"!! ~Harvey MacKay

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Sampler Village

Hey Dolls I know I am on a roll with posts lately but I figure since they are fresh in my mind and I have the time to get them out of the way why not?

So I have enjoyed the whole Sample Box madness very much but I have come across one of the best Sampler Boxes I have ever seen !

The Name of the website is called Sampler Village and what it is is a monthly box that comes out and a variety of companies from Etsy and Artfire gather together at this " Village" and put together boxes of samples to be sold. So if you want to become a " Villager what you do is sign up and they advertise for you on there site with a commitment to send sample to make these boxes. Follow So far?

Diva's Delight
The Charmingly Samplicious Boxes:
15-25 Samples $25

YummyLicious Treats Sampler box 15-20 Edible Samples for $40

Diva's Delight
Lavishly Samplicious Sampler Box 35-45 Samples $40

Check them out on:

Photo Courtesy of Sampler Village

Guess which one I chose...

1st Let me tell you I ordered this this past Friday and Received it Today!!!!!

Breast Cancer Awareness!!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Earrings :-D


OK so now that I have a legit Muscle Cramp in my arm from this post I will tell you it was worth all the pain to me! I know I may have gotten crazy pic heavy but I wanted you all to see just everything you can expect from a Lavish Box. I am loving loving this company and the idea behind it and when you stop and think its about $1 or less per sample you are getting for $40! I cant wait to try some of the awesome soaps and candles and goodies I got. Now the issue is where do I put it all?!!