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I finally got my hands on the infamous INGLOT 10 Freedom System palette. I decided to play around with it today and came up with a look and I have to say these shadows are amazingly pigmented!

New Vanity Mirror!

It is incredibly bright and I think it came out Amazing!

Polish Hoarders Anonymous!

So the 1st step in any program is admitting we have a problem...

My 1st Mineral Eyeshadow Product

A palette made by Yours Truly!

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January Favorites

Hello Ladies I cant believe it is already the end of January! I feel like this month has completely flown by. Today I wanted to show you all a few of my favorite beauty and body products

As you can see it was Lippie Month in my house lol . I  tried to keep lip products I kept reaching for for this post and by the time I realized it I had all of these lol.

Ok so what better way to break the ice than starting with a Taboo topic like Feminine wash right? I have been using Lemisol since I can remember as a young girl and even now as an adult. I swear by this stuff and I always make sure I have a spare bottle in my linen closet because I just wont feel "Fresh " Without it!

The best way to explain how this actually feels is (now bare with me its the only way I can actually explain to you) This is to the "Lady Bits" what Listerine is to our mouth. So in other words you know that clean fresh tingly sensation you get when your wash your mouth in the morning with Listerine? Well Lemisol gently Cleanses your "area" and leaves you feeling super fresh and clean. Now before some of you freak out on me its not a burning or crazy overwhelming sensation like Listerine is after a few seconds. You want to use a small amount and obviously the longer you leave it the longer it will tingle . It is just a freshness that only way described is how you feel when you use a mouth wash. 

These come in a variety of sizes and even have a kid version as well.

For my Spanish Readers lil info.

I absolutely am addicted to Highlighters! I feel that they can just had the perfect amount of shimmer to the top of your cheeks!

I had been on a hunt for a good foundation primer. I have tried Smashbox, Urban Decay,and just didnt respond well to them . I found this at my local target. This is the Napoleon Perdis NP Set line from Target and goes for $29. I was a bit hesitant because to me that was a lot for drugstore but when I tried the tester on my hand I was intrigued by the consistency and the feeling it left behind.

This primer is like no other I have ever tried. It applies like a lotion and has a slight pink hue to it but completely dissolves into the skin. I dont feel like my face is dry like with other primers . 

I have really been loving this powder foundation to set my tinter moisturizer in the morning. It does exactly what it says leaving me matte but not Flat!

I cant tell you how many people when they see my comb always laugh and tease me because they think it should be used on a Horse lol! I have very curly hair and well I cant use a brush whats over unless my hair is blown out straight. I absolutely love this Conair Comb and was specifically designed for curly hair. This comb is unique in the sense that the teeth open in different direction making it easier to detangle my kinky curls in the shower.

This is one of the New Covergirl Blast Lipstick Blendable Lip Duo  gives you an interesting effect on your lips.

This shade is in Perky

Before applying the Lighter Pink

 After the Pink on top. Hard to tell in this picture but this really gives and awesome 2 toned lip shade. 

Some of my Favorite Lippies:
Revlon Mauve it Over
Maybelline Superstay 14 Hour Lipstick in Beige For Good 
(Very Long Lasting!)
L'Oreal Colour Riche Lip Balm Rose Elixir
Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie
Lorac Bejeweled Gloss in Peach Moonstone

Ulta Flesh Lip Liner ( Top)
NYX Retractabe Eyeliner in White

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Pyrex, Pill Containers, Hello Kitty , and Nail Polish?

Hello dolls so today it is Lazy Sunday in my house and well we try to catch up on some rest and errands we have to do for the week on our weekends. We have a busy week ahead of us and I picked up some goodies over the past few weeks. SOme beauty related some not but some awesome deals and steals along the way. 

My husband and I are leaving to South Carolina this week and just so thrilled to get away for a weekend and well i'm just a bundle of excitement and nerves all in one lol.

Picture Heavy!

No Particular Order and forgive me for my unorganized and maybe not so pretty lay out but was in the middle of putting things a way and decided to wing it and just snap some pics for you guys to see what the madness was on my dining room table lol.

So my jewelry organizer seemed to be a little over crowded and although there are slots on the other side. I really do not flip it over and find it kinda hard to so I only use the one side.

I went to Michaels and they were having an awesome sale and they had this organizer for 40% off. I paid $5 I believe. I have seen them at Marshalls for $15! This one is one sided which is perfect for me. 

I got this cute robe from Target for $21 and well I just couldnt pass it up was too cute.

 This is what I actually went to Michaels for. I had seen some of these in YT videos and saw how awesome it was for organizing. It is actually meant for Scrap booking organization. It spins and all. This is quite pricey and I refused to pay full price for it so I had been waiting for an awesome sale to pick it up.

 I have struggled finding a way to organize all my My NYX JEP liners, etc and think this is definitely the way for me.

 The only problem I seem to have with it is that it is extremely deep. Due to the fact that it is meant for scissors and longer items was hard for me to get my lip liners etc to stand up high enough for me to grab.

What I ended up doing is bunching up a pice of tissue paper at the bottom of each compartment and it allowed me to place the pencils up a little higher for me. 

This is also very large 
28 ½ -inch width x 28 ½ -inch height x 7-inch depth

This was originally $39.99 and with coupon was only $25!

Now some of you may  not know but I absolutely love love to bake. I am obsessed with vintage cooking gadgets, utensils, and well anything kitchen related. I have been on a mission to find the Pink GooseBerry Cinderella Mixing Bowls.

I have been searching high and low every garage sale, flea market and no luck. Ebay does carry them but a bit pricey and well just couldnt justify getting them .

My hubby knows how much I love my kitchen goodies and surprised me with some awesome bowls :

I am so thrilled to have these. So they arent the pink gooseberry but the fact that he remembered me wanting some and he went out of his way to do this for me I didnt even care. I cant wait to get them all dirty with batter!

This is my holy grail makeup brush cleanser! I got the 16 oz bottle a few months ago and actually used it all up. It lasts a very long time and leaves my brushes squeaky clean. This is the Big Momma at 32 oz and was I believe around $18-20. I have also found this at Walgreens and Target.
**Hubby also told me this is quite a popular item in camping because it takes all the oils out of your skin so less sweating etc.** Fun Fact!

I know completely random but I had been searching for a little pill organizer like this to put some of my eyeshadow Glitters in. I have a Huge Jar and hard to work with and wanted to put it into something smaller. I have seen these at all pharmacies for almost $15 and I got this at a store called Amazing Savings for $1.99! Comes with a little collapsible cup you can attatch to the end as well. (Wont be using it) but kinda cool .

I have heard that this Wet n Wild Bronzer is actually more of a powder not an actual bronzer. I think I will use it more of a highlighting powder looks pretty.

My little freebie from Walgreens lady there is so sweet gave me a wink and slipped it in my bag lol oh the little things that count lol.

I actually stumbled upon these at Riteaid the other day. I had no idea these were out and hadnt read anything about them . I was intrigued by the packaging and claims.

These claim to adjust to you according t the PH in your own body.

How gorgeous is this compact?! Has a little switch to turn the light on and off for application! 

So far kind of like this lip gloss. It went on rather sheer pink and within minuted changed into this gorgeous reddish pink color. Not very sticky a slight hint of a tingle.

An all year round Bronzer! Finally!

These are a little pricey in my opinion for Drugstore. My guess is the packaging with all the bells and whistles on it lol. The Blush is $14.99 but comes with $3 off sticker to use at the register. In fact they all come with a $3 off sticker.

 Soleil Heat Cured Top Coat from Sallys
China Glaze Aquadelic Electro Pop Collection
China Glaze Fuschia Fanatic Electro Pop Collection

So I had decided I was going to invest in a Gelish Nail Lamp and top coat because I was sick of my polish always chipping not even a week into my manicure. I went to Sallys bought it and instantly had buyers remorse. I had also picked up the Soleil Top Coat and the girl had told me I didnt need the lamp but I said eh maybe it wont be as good. WRONG. I tried this Soleil top coat put my nail under the light for 3 minutes and was soo shocked to see how shiny and the gel like coating it had. I said I am going back in the morning and returning my lamp for sure! Saved myself $50 right there and now in love with my $8 top coat that is less work, cheaper, and just amaze balls girls!!!!

China Galaze Techno
L'Oreal Club Prive
L'Oreal Boozy Bruch

Emily from Beauty Broadcast Raves about these so I had to try them . Double Pack from Walgreens for $6.99

Decided to give this foundation a whirl since I have heard great things about it.

This is my most exciting Find from the Dollar Store!
Almay Dial Up Mascara
ELF Mineral Lid Primer and the Falsies!

These called my attention right away. Love the criss cross action and I cant wait ti try these on. If all goes well will def need to stack up on them !

I had recently had been trying to find a better way to keep all my Konad and other nail stamping plates organized.

Here is how I did before:

I had found these Baseball Card Holders at Toys R Us a few years ago and light bulb went off and worked great. 
However since my collection has expanded of course I was running out of room. I also did not like that if I grabbed it and was held upside down the plates would all fall out of the slots. 

 I had seen that some people had suggested sort of the same system but a little improved. I go this binder from Target and some baseball Card Sheets from Toys R Us. A pack of 35 pages with 9 slots per page for $9.
This was an awesome way to keep them all in one place.
In order to prevent them from slipping out use the anti slip material found anywhere. I got mine at the dollar store and cut it just enough to get in the slot. Will prevent the plate from slipping out! GENIUS! Now I started this little project but quite tedious and have only been able to get 3 pages done. Will have to finish a little at a time.

So this concludes my crazy all over the place haulage. Hope you guys had fun on this crazy ride and will chat with you all soon!