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I finally got my hands on the infamous INGLOT 10 Freedom System palette. I decided to play around with it today and came up with a look and I have to say these shadows are amazingly pigmented!

New Vanity Mirror!

It is incredibly bright and I think it came out Amazing!

Polish Hoarders Anonymous!

So the 1st step in any program is admitting we have a problem...

My 1st Mineral Eyeshadow Product

A palette made by Yours Truly!

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Updated Makeup/Nail Area and extras

Hello my gorgeous readers. I have been a bit of a mad woman lately and well mostly because so many amazing doors have been opening for me in the bloggersphere! That being said I have been quite the busy bee behind the scenes her and figured let me update you all on a few projects going on .

For starters I tend to get kinda bored and tired of my apartment. So from time to time I like to rearrange my little spaces and make it a little more fun and girly. Yes I always keep my husband in mind of course too, however being that we are limited to certain spaces in our place I have to make due with the space I have. Due to recent projects I am finding the need for ample working space and am having a hard time here. Moving is not an option at the moment so I am making it work for me instead of against me.

I recently took apart my entire nail area and re did my makeup space as well. I knew these were gonna be one heck of a project but a much needed revamping was in order.

You can see Here what my makeup space look liked a little while back. Not too bad but I am very limited to space in our bedroom .

 As you can see here quite a difference from my last set up. I picked up some snazzy decor from one of my favorite stores Target. I loved the wording and they are self adhesive so you can move them around as needed without damaging the wall. The lettering, the zebra mirror circles, and the other round mirrors etc were all from Target for $20 each pack.

One of my sets of Muji drawers. I like it this way better so that I can actually reach all of my lipsticks better and see them all and use them more frequently.

I get asked all of the time where I bought my brush holders. I made them myself with magazines and vase filler etc. I did a pictorial here a while back so go and check it out if you want to make your very own. Yes I actually do use all of these brushes and only keep the ones I use in them !

My other set of Muji drawers with more lippies and blushes etc.

I picked up this little organizer from Michaels recently because they had all their craft storage for 50 % off and with all the projects I have going I needed some more space. I had only wished it was in black but not a big deal for me and was small enough to slide under my vanity table.

I sit this little organizer from target right on top and has some of my primers, eyeliners, and other odds and ends I use frequently in them .

This actually wasnt so bad to put together and love the dividers and the shelf.

On the other side of my vanity is a small table I bought at walmart for $12 . I put an organizer I wasnt using and filled it with items that are for upcoming reviews/posts etc so that I can keep myself on schedule etc. 

I didnt go into elaborate details of my whole collection but its an idea I am playing around with in the future.

Ok so I needed to change my nail station a bit as well. I had a desk my husband had passed along to me and was a bit big and took up some space in my dining room. I had actually contemplated taking down my nail area, simply because I just didnt like that when company came over it was out in the open and well lets just be real some pass judgement , or think Im nuts. I then decided it you know what this is MY house. I dont want to hide my things or change my  work area around to please others I sure wouldnt expect them to.

So we cam up with a plan that we needed something that in the event we needed to move it to accomodate guests , that was easier than the bulky desk I had. I went to IKEA and I had already done my research on the Helmers from other beauty blogger and nail bloggers. These ran me $40 each and used a cutting board I had in storage as my table.

My racks fit perfectly over them and a little lower than before but thats ok and I like it better. 

Yes these did have to be put together. If there is anything I despise about Ikea is that need to put everything together. But is one of the reasons their items are so affordable.

Rumor has it that these Helmers hold anywhere up to 400-500 Polishes each! There are also alternatives to the Helmers called Melmers aka Michaels version of the Helmer . Just google it and you will see what I mean!

I still need to organize these drawers some because I havent had the chance to so I just placed all of my polishes in random drawers for now.

A sterilite container in between my 2 helmers for other crafts.

Hello Kitty Binder Holds all my Stamping plates.

So all the pics are pretty self explanatory. It has been fun creating my new spaces.

Some other projects I am working on:

** Latina Lifestyle Blogger Johnson & Johnson Campaign**

** Pretty Addictions looks and posts**

** Ambassador for Bloom.com . Be sure to check us out its like Facebook but for Beauty and its just an awesome site!**

** Contributor for This That Beauty. I get to work with the awesome Felicia Walker Benson Chief Editor for Bergdorf Goodmann. Updating you all on everything beauty and dental related.**

As you can see I am hard at work for all of my fellow beauty lovers! I am truly enjoying all of these projects and looking forward to even more doors that may soon open for me. 

“Find something you love to do and you'll never have to work a day in your life”

I believe I have and I am blessed. To some may seem nonsense and I get asked quite often why I do it. I do it because I love it and it is my hobby and passion. Judge me if you will but I am happy and all that matters to me in the end! 

Love and Lip Gloss to you all and thank you for all of the support you all show me !

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Join the Twitter Party with Entre Tu y Yo

Hello my loves, so by now I hope you all have had the chance to enter my awesome giveaway of Johnson & Johnson goodies. If not you have till the 31st so get on it !!!!

We would like to invite you all to join us for an awesome 
Johnson & Johnson Twitter Party to help support the #Etyy on 8/1/12  6 pm PST/ 9pm EST

You will have the opportunity to chat with Andrea Minski the Entre Tu y Yo Host, and learn ways to help you get through this summer with some awesome chances to win $100 worth of Johnson & Johnson Products featuring, Bandaid, Lubriderm, and Aveeno!

Hosted by @Tracy Iglesias and @Latina Lifestyle

Co-Hosted by: Yours Truly @PiktasticLife , @Club de Diosas , @MamiHolisticayG , @Smash Bravo Team , @JeffMarias2001

You can also RSVP Here Giveaway

See You There!

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Pretty Addictions Ship Wrecked Collection

Hello my Beautiful readers! I feel like it has been a little bit since my last post, but boy do I have some great stuff going on around here! Will be sharing soon. 

By now you may already know I am the model for Kas from Pretty Addictions. Kas has been working her pretty little face like crazy and has created an awesome new site that is even Mobile!!! Go and check us out and check out all of out Pretty Little Addicts as well! Maybe we will see one of your beautiful faces on there soon!

Today I am introducing the gorgeous new Shipwrecked in Paradise eyeshadow collection.

They are  6 5g jars in this collection . This collection retails for

There is also a gorgeous new Blush/Bronzer Collection to go along with the new Shipwrecked in Paradise as well.

These are 10g Jars:

Check out our fun new Labels!

Tropical Sunset                Clown Fish Kiss                High Tide

Anchor Management          Mystery Cove                Mint Spritzer

Island Babe

St. Tropez featuring real Cocoa

Items used:

Mint Spritzer
Mystery Cove
Anchor Management


Island Babe/ St Tropez Bronzer

Come and Say Hello!

Pretty Addictions Shop


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Johnson & Johnson Giveaway with Entre Tu Y Yo

Hello my lovely readers . As you read in my last post I have been enjoying the awesome Johnson & Johnson goodies .

Here is your very own chance to score some of these amzing products!!

**Disclosure-  These items were sent by Entre Tu Y Yo and the Latina Lifestyle Collective.
I received product in exchange for my honest review and/or give-away as part of the Latino & Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Collective campaign agreement for the Johnson & Johnson Entre Tu y Yo Campaign.”

In compliance with FTC guidelines, please be aware that my (GIVEAWAY) of
(Johnson & Johnson/Entre Tu y Yo ), was made possible by the Latina & Latino Lifestyle Bloggers Collective (http://www.llbloggers.com), and sponsored by Johnson & Johnson."

Now for the best Part........  a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Johnson & Johnson Feat Entre Tu y Yo and the Latina Lifestyle Collective

Hello my Beautiful readers! Today I am exciting to let you all in on an amazing project and campaign that I am honored to be a part of. Be sure to keep reading so you dont miss out on a great opportunity for my readers!

 This awesome little campaign is from an amazing group called the Latina Lifestyle Collective which is a great group I have been given the opportunity to be a part of. This little group enables us latinas to come together in all aspects of blogging whether it be lifestyle, beauty, fashion, you name it.We support on another and we also open the doors for opportunities such as this one for our wonderful readers.

This campaign is from an awesome Entre Tu y Yo featuring Jhonson & Jhonson. Be sure to follow #LLBLOG and #ETYY on Twitter to keep up to date on the awesome groups

I was so honored and excited to be able to try out all of these amazing Aveeno Products. I have always enjoyed Johnson & Johnson Products and there was quite a few things that I still hadn't had the chance to try. 

You can imagine how excited I was to open this amazing box of goodness!

Ok I am sure we have had our share of boo boos , bruises, and cuts and what I find most challenging is getting them to stay on for a decent amount of time. I was intrigued by the fact that they were indeed waterproof! I work with my hands so I have my moments as well does my husband and we are always frustrated in having to go through a few at a time to get them to work . These are great on the go for yourself, family, and or your 1st aid kits!

I have not used an Aveeno product in Years! I had strayed away because at one point of my life I was extremely sensitive and allergic to a lot of beauty products. Soy being one of the ingredients I seemed to have a sensitivity too. Over the years I have out grown some of my skin sensitivities and am able to tolerate a lot of these awesome products now. This moisturizer feels very nice on my skin and has SPF which is extremely important now a days!

As a beauty Blogger we tend to forget to mention some of the other items we use in our daily routines such as Shampoo and Conditioner. As a natural curly head myself I have a hard time finding something that is going to tame and mosturize these kinky locks . I brought this with me on my recent vacation and was so impressed. The smell and the consistency of the shampoo is great. I love a great lather. As for the conditioner it is good in my honest opinion. Maybe I am just more of a fan of the thicker creamy conditioners. I found this to be a little more liquidy than I liked but worked well none the less

I do not have children presently but boy if I did I would lover to lather them in this stuff. I am sure I will def find use for this in the near future though. It smells so pleasant .

Ok so I am not gonna lie I have been guilty of buying baby lotions etc because I am obsessed with the smell. My theory is that if it is good enough for a delicate baby's skin , then it is good enough for my adult skin too. 

I am in the dental field so washing my hands is a tedious requirement in the field. My hands feel like sand paper sometimes and am always on the hunt for the next best lotion to keep next to the soap pump at work. This has been great for me and other staff and have noticed a nice difference in my hands.

Well now you know that I can never have enough Listerine. I am all about promoting oral health especially because it is my profession. Some may not be able to tolerate the sting , but there are some with less alcohol content for those that are more sensitive. My husband and I like the tingle and we definitely make the funny faces like the commercials you see on tv! 

Be sure to follow #ETYY on twitter for the Awesome Twitter Party where you will be able to chat with Andrea Minski who is the spokesperson for this great campaign on July 25th 6pm PST!

Now for the best Part........

One of you amazing readers will get the same opportunity I had and try these awesome products yourselves!!!!!!!!! 

A $100 value!!

**Disclosure-  These items were sent by Entre Tu Y Yo and the Latina Lifestyle Collective.
I received product in exchange for my honest review and/or give-away as part of the Latino & Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Collective campaign agreement for the Johnson & Johnson Entre Tu y Yo Campaign.”

In compliance with FTC guidelines, please be aware that my (REVIEW ) of
(Johnson & Johnson/Entre Tu y Yo ), was made possible by the Latina & Latino Lifestyle Bloggers Collective (http://www.llbloggers.com), and sponsored by Johnson & Johnson."