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I finally got my hands on the infamous INGLOT 10 Freedom System palette. I decided to play around with it today and came up with a look and I have to say these shadows are amazingly pigmented!

New Vanity Mirror!

It is incredibly bright and I think it came out Amazing!

Polish Hoarders Anonymous!

So the 1st step in any program is admitting we have a problem...

My 1st Mineral Eyeshadow Product

A palette made by Yours Truly!

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Inspired Look

Hi Everyone so I am sure you have all checked out the Gorgeous Jaqueline from A Brilliant Brunette. She is so talented and I am always on her page getting inspiration and learning different things. I love that she does wearable and dramatic looks that are somewhat easy for others to try and do. I  read that her inspiration for her look was by another Gorgeous girl I follow Nymphette she is another very talented person .

I obviously didnt have and MAC shadows to exactly replicate this look but I used some Pigments I had to Attempt and I was OK with the turnout.

I nixed the Falsies this round because I was having such a hard time with them and my eyes were getting irritated from the Lash glue.
Excuse the un groomed brows I am currently at War w them !

OCC Lip Tar in Grandma

Products Used:

Studio Direct Corrector In Lite as Base
Blue Cream Shadow from Revlon Moonlit Jewels Palette
Revlon 115 Neptune Stare Single Eye Shadow on Lid
ELF Ourdoorsy Pigment in Crease
MAC Smolder Eye Pencil on Waterline
Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara

OCC Lip Tar in Grandma

ELF Mineral Face Primer
Bobbi Brown Bisque Corrector
Shiseido Cream Concealer in Tan
NYX HD Foundation in 05 Medium
Mac Lightscapade MSF as Highlight
Urban Decay Score Blush

This was fun to do and I can only hope to be as talented as my favorite makeup artist bloggies. As time goes on I learn more and I gain inspiration from all the knowledgeable and gorgeous dolls that I have come to know over time. Wonder what my next inspiration will be?

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  1. Monica says:

    this came out great! the colors are so beautiful!

  2. Oooh, this looks pretty! I like the colors you used very much. And, dollie, you don't even need falsies! Your lashes are so perfect! I love how your skin looks so nice and smooth, beautiful. Quick question, how do you like the ELF Mineral Face Primer? I've never used a face primer but I've been interested in getting one lately :)

  3. Cathy says:

    @ Monica Thanks Love
    @Ms. Prettyful Girl I really like the ELF Primer I feel it does the same exact thing a high end one does. Its very similar to the Smashbox one I think I really like it.

  4. Your so gorgeous doll! I haven't tried any of the lips tars, but hope to oneday. Beautiful!

  5. Your skin is amazing! I love this look on you. The eyes are really stunning. Beautiful!

  6. Christine says:

    This is so beautiful, love this look :)

    Xo Christine♥

  7. Karen says:

    I think you did a great job with this look. The colors look really good on you! How do you like the lip tar?

  8. Mercedes says:

    WOW you wear this well!!! You should def become a certified MUA!!!! You'd do so well!

  9. cbsg5861 says:

    You did a great job! The lip tar looks gorgeous on you, love it!
    [Oh and I'm so glad I found your blog! xx]

  10. the eyes and lips look amazing!! great job

  11. I love Jacqueline! She's so talented and amazing. By the way, you look great in blue eye shadows and omg I envy your lips. They're so luscious and beautiful!

  12. Very nice look which is gorgeous and probably very difficult to get the effect unless you are a pro...I am sure to try this look for a special evening.And make sure I take trials before the d-day.

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