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I finally got my hands on the infamous INGLOT 10 Freedom System palette. I decided to play around with it today and came up with a look and I have to say these shadows are amazingly pigmented!

New Vanity Mirror!

It is incredibly bright and I think it came out Amazing!

Polish Hoarders Anonymous!

So the 1st step in any program is admitting we have a problem...

My 1st Mineral Eyeshadow Product

A palette made by Yours Truly!

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Tarte for True Blood

Hi Ladies so I hope that I am not becoming a spammer to you all. I have been doing more posts lately and well I never want to become a pest, but I just could not wait to share this with you all!

I am a Huge Fan of the HBO Show True Blood ( For those who don't watch it Yes one of those Vampire Shows) LOL. I could not wait for this past Sunday to come to finally get my True Blood Fix after last season. The minute I saw this collection come out I said I just had to have this awesome Palette No MATTER WHAT! Needless to Say I went to my Local Sephora and because it was so new it hadn't yet made it to the store. So I ordered it online and also redeemed my 500 Beauty Insider Points for an Awesome Free Perk!

I apologize way in advance for not Swatching ladies but I literally just had just gotten home ripped open the box and busted out the Camera. Also not sure how I was going to swatch these all for you just yet lol

Comes with this Cool little Card 

Different Looks to do with the Palette

OMG Leather Exterior and Corset Design !

A Pull Out Drawer on the Front:

Inside the Drawer:

Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara
EmpasEyes Aqua-Gel Eyeliner
Lifted Natural Eye Primer

Now the Best Part!!! (Plastic Protector Has all the Shade Names on it!)

Retails for $52 Valued at $331!
17 Limited Edition Eyeshadows
The Light: Shimmering Warm Ivory
Fairy: Shimmering Pink
Dusk: Matte Warm Taupe
Dawn: Shimmering Gold Dust
Werewolf: Matte Chocolate
Waitress: Sparkling Pink Champagne
Nocturnal: Sparkling Deep Indigo
Charmer: Sparkling Burnt Copper
Glamour me: Sparkling Deep PLum
Stake: Matte Steel
Bayou: Shimmering Golden Tan
Telepath: Sparkling Warm Rose
The True Death: Sparkling Silver
Immortal: Sparkling Midnight Black
Moss: Shimmering Forest Green
Legend: Deep Matte Black
"V" : Sparkling Crimson

Swatch of Legend. 
These Colors are So Silky to the Touch and Pigmented!

My 500 Beauty Insider Point Freebie:


No Flash:

Hope you all Enjoyed I am so thrilled to have this in my collection. I love this too Faced palette as well. Planning to do a True Blood Look Soon! 

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  1. I don't watch that show (I live under a rock!) but I NEED that palette. I love every single shadow in there! And the packaging is freakin cute! Can't wait to see the swatches. You should do a post for every look you can do with it! That'd be fun :) And your perk is fab! Love it as well!

  2. Oh and one more thing, this is so not considered spam. LOL. We love it when you have new posts! I know it's hard work or else I'd love to see new posts everyday! LOL. You have a great blog and we enjoy seeing your posts, honestly :)

  3. OHHHHH my gosh! I want that Trueblood palette SO SO SO bad! =( ... wow! Thanks for sharing this babes! =)

  4. OMG! I want both of those palettes! Great Post! Thanks for sharing, i love it! im goin to have to get my hands on them ;)

  5. Ev says:

    i get mine tomorrow! :-D so glad you're happy with the pigmentation, this is my first time ordering Tarte!

  6. Lauren says:

    The collection has nice colors..I saw your comment on beautylish about this collection...and when I read your profile, found out we live in the same city, lol small world!

  7. Cathy says:

    @Lauren thanks for stopping by. Wow really? Whqt a small world. Your the second peron I have met that is like 5 mins from me so crazy.

  8. Jess says:

    I really want the tarte for trueblood palette but I'm not sure. I think its a great value for $52 but I dont know if I would use all the shadows. I am so indecisive...

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.
  10. Hannah says:

    this is sooo cool! i want i want i want

  11. I decided to not check out the shades for the new Tarte-True Blood collection for fear of being tempted, though I love the corset design and the unique placement of the eyeshadows. But darn, I had to click on this post! Love how wearable the shades are!

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